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About Carpe

Better with friends, family,
and colleagues.

Carpe is designed from the ground up to be a scheduler focused on social interaction. With Carpe you can share your schedule among the people you're connected to, know when they're free, and more.

Share what you want, and
keep the private hidden.

Your schedule is your life, and Carpe understands that. We've prioritized fully customizable privacy settings so you can stay in control of your schedule, making sure that everyone you interact with sees just the right things.

See what's going on in your
world at a glance

In addition to the details of your own day, Carpe lets you view your connections' events right from the home screen so you'll know when they are on lunch break, busy with work, or anything else they choose to share.

Carpe is developed by indigoBox Studios in Chicago

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